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Special Event Parking

Special event rates are charged when large events are held at the U.S. Cellular Center and for certain other downtown events. The number of garages charging special event rates depends on the size and scope of the event. Parking fees for special events are collected upon entry to the garage.

Special Event Parking Rate is $7.00 per vehicle.

In addition to the listed parking garages, numerous surface lots in the vicinity of the U.S. Cellular Center offer special event parking.   Links for directions to area parking garages are below.

Civic Center Garage—2 Minute Walk

The Civic Center Garage is largest city garage with 550 spaces. The garage is located behind the Buncombe County Public Library off of Haywood Street, adjacent to Vanderbilt Apartments and the U.S. Cellular Center. There are two entrances to this garage, one entrance off of Haywood Street between the library and the Vanderbilt Apartments, and the other off of Rankin Avenue at the rear of the garage. The main vehicle exit is on Rankin Avenue with an exit for permit vehicles at Haywood Street. Pedestrian exits are located at Rankin Avenue, Walnut Street, and on Haywood Street (fifth floor connection with Buncombe County Public Library).

Directions to Civic Center Garage

Rankin Avenue Garage—3 Minutes Walk

The Rankin Avenue Garage, with 262 spaces, is located between Haywood Street and Rankin Avenue just north of College Street, with a pedestrian entrance off of Haywood Street. There are two entrances, one off of Walnut Street and the other off of Rankin Avenue. The main vehicle exit is on Rankin Avenue with an exit for permit vehicles on College Street. If the Rankin Avenue garage is full, please note that the Civic Center Garage is immediately next door and often has space available when the Rankin Avenue garage does not.

Directions to Rankin Avenue Garage

Wall Street Garage—3 Minute Walk

The Wall Street Garage has 232 spaces and is located off Otis Street between Wall Street and Battery Park Avenue, immediately across the street from the Grove Arcade. The entrance to this garage is on Otis Street. The vehicle exit from this garage is located at the corner of Battery Park and Page Avenues. Pedestrian exits are located at Otis Street, Wall Street and Battery Park Avenue.

Directions to Wall Street Garage

Biltmore Avenue Garage—10 minute Walk

The Biltmore Ave Garage is located under the Aloft Hotel on Biltmore Avenue. This facility has 404 spaces total, but due to the joint venture with the hotel these spaces may go as low as 289 available depending on the hotel's occupancy.  There are public restrooms located off of Aston Street on level P1 of the facility. The entrances are located on Biltmore Avenue (Southbound Only) and South Lexington Avenue. The exits are located on Aston Street and South Lexington Avenue. Pedestrian traffic may enter off of Aston Street, Biltmore Avenue and South Lexington. 

Directions to Biltmore Avenue Garage

College Street Garage –11 Minute Walk

$1/hr with a maximum of $8/day

The College Street Garage has 650 available spaces.  It is located across the street from the Buncombe County Courthouse on College Street. The entrance is located on college street (west bound traffic only.)

Directions to College Street Garage

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