Rates, Policies and Procedures

The U.S Cellular Center has earned a reputation for exceptional guest services in our community and nationwide.  With a staff that is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, the U.S. Cellular Center works to make every event a success.


For more detailed information on booking an event or renting a space, please contact:

Athletic Competitions, Concerts, Trade Shows

Marcia Hart
Booking & Events Administrator

Meetings, Conferences, Conventions, Festivals

Chris Corl
General Manager

  1. Contracts are to be issued as soon as possible after the maximum confirmation time.
  2. A deposit will be due within (15) days after the contract issuance.
  3. Final payment for the facility rent identified in the contract is due (30) days prior to the actual event or as stipulated in the contract.
  4. Payment of optional equipment and personnel are due at box office settlement, when sales are handled by U.S. Cellular Center. Otherwise, a final invoice will be completed by the U.S. Cellular Center and payment shall be required within (30) days of billing. Non-payment will result in additional interest charges of 1.5% per month (18% annually).

Signed contracts and deposits must be made prior to ticket on-sale.

Conventions, Conferences, and Consumer Shows:

  1. If of an ongoing nature or using multiple consecutive days or facilities, event may place tentative holds on first, second and third choice basis.
  2. To maintain hold all current contracts, payments and invoices must be paid by require dates.


Should an event be cancelled by the client, no deposit refund shall be made.

  1. The execution of an agreement for facility usage with the U.S. Cellular Center further requires full compliance with all existing policies and procedures, regulations, laws, ordinances, and statutes regarding the operation of the Center, its governing authority, the City of Asheville, and all pertinent safety and fiscal procedures.
  2. These rules and regulations also pertain to permits and licenses required (including recorded music), taxes (gross receipts and income), liability incurred, certain flammable, pyrotechnic, or dangerous materials and/or activities.

All equipment is finite in number and is rented on an as-available schedule. Please communicate your needs as soon as possible or at least 15 days prior to the event. Standard electric available throughout; specialty connections available in certain locations only. Please inquire for rates.

Basketball Floor (setup labor costs not included)
Bike Rack Barricades
Bath Towels
Cable Tray
Chairs (metal and padded available)
Cloth Table Linens
Cove Lighting (12 onstage lights in Thomas Wolfe Auditorium)
Dumpster (if additional containers are needed)
Exhibit Booth (8’x10′ or 10’x10′ or 10’x20′)
Extension Cord
Fax Transmittal/Receive
Follow Spots (Super Troupers, MUST use IATSE operator)
Forklift (operator costs not included)
Hand Towels
Iron & Ironing Board Steamer
Lighting Gels (limited availability)
Microphone (hardwired and wireless available)
Orchestra Shell
Paper Table Covers
Piano, tuning not included: Upright, Baldwin Grand (Arena only) or Steinway Concert Grand (Auditorium only)
Pipe & Drape (black and blue available)
Portable CD Player
Power Strip
Stage Risers (6’x8′ sections)
Staging (4’x8′ sections)
Skirting for Tables (black only)
Sound System Hookup
Tables (8′ banquet, 10″ high round, 60″ round)
Telephone Line Installation
Theater Curtain Setup
TV/VCR/DVD player
Wireless Internet

In accordance with the City of Asheville, the U.S. Cellular Center elects to refrain from contracting with promoters producing events which include any performing wild and/or exotic animal.

All questions concerning this rate schedule, film and/or video productions and any/all communications, riders etc. concerning employment of the union technical personnel within this Local’s jurisdiction should be directed to:

Erik McDaniel, Business Agent
P.O. Box 2071
Asheville, NC 28802
Office: 828-545-0641
Email: iatseba278@gmail.com

Wage Rates for stage presentations, performances, dances, exhibits, schools, or other commercial or noncommercial events shall be as follows (minimum (4) hour calls apply):

8:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight

(Standard Rate)

12:00 Midnight to 8:00 AM

(Overtime Rate)

Electrician $28.35/hour $42.53/hour
Flyman $24.57/hour $38.86/hour
Job Steward (required on calls of 6+ hands) $28.35/hour $42.53/hour
Riggers, Truss Spot Operators $28.35/hour $42.53/hour
Spotlight, Sound, Loader, Fork $22.05/hour $33.08/hour
Stagehand/Wardrobe/Labor $19.53/hour $29.30/hour

Each move-in, rehearsal, performance, move-out, house strip, or house restore shall be considered a separate (4) hour minimum calls. All time exceeding the (4) hour minimum call shall be computed in one-half hour increments.

  • All employees shall be allowed a (1) hour meal break after (5) hours of work. If the employer provides the meal, one-half hour shall be allowed with no stoppage of time.
  • If no meal break is allowed: ALL time worked after (5) hours, until a meal break is allowed, shall be at TWICE the above rates.
  • All time worked after (8) hours in (1) day, or between midnight and 7:00 AM shall be at one and one half (1.5) times the above standard rates.
  • All time worked on the following holidays shall be at one and one half (1.5) the above standard rates: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve

The above rates include a twenty-six percent (26%) fee for:

FICA, Workman’s Compensation, Insurance, and Payroll

  • The employer shall pay all charges covered by this rate sheet, to the Local’s representative by the start of the performance or no later than intermission.
  • Invoices not paid within thirty (30) days are subject to a 1.5% monthly service charge (18% annual)

  1. Each facility LESSEE shall be required to indemnify and save harmless the LESSOR from all loss cost and expense arising out of any liability. Or claim of liability, for injury or damages to persons or property sustained or claimed to have been sustained by attending such events on the premises.
  2. Each facility LESSEE shall be required to execute and deliver a certified commercial liability insurance policy as required in the facility rental/lease agreement or purchase a policy from the U.S. Cellular Center in an amount between $1 million and $5 million as determined by U.S. Cellular Center Management.
  3. Each facility LESSEE agrees to execute and deliver to the U.S. Cellular Center by no later than (30) days prior to the first date of use of the premises, a commercial liability insurance policy, including public liability and property damage, written by a company licensed to do business in the state of North Carolina. Commercial liability insurance shall cover the premises and shall provide the following minimum limits of coverage:
    1. Bodily injury and property damage Combined single limit coverage of $1,000,000/occurrence
    2. Annual Aggregate 2,000,000
    3. Automobile 1,000,000
    4. Workers’ Compensation – Part A Statutory Limits
    5. Workers’ Compensation – Part B $100,000
  4. Should LESSEE be unable to secure an insurance policy, the LESSOR may procure a TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy) for the LESSEE. Should the LESSEE fail to provide an insurance policy within (10) days of the first event day, the LESSOR will automatically provide a TULIP policy for the LESSEE for the contracted event. The LESSEE will be charged accordingly for this policy.

The use of the U.S. Cellular Center shall be permitted only after prior execution of the formal rental/lease agreement or other written U.S. Cellular Center authorization.  The LESSEE is required to furnish, in an acceptable manner, any information requested by U.S. Cellular Center Management as to facility uses, special arrangements, special services, and/or equipment required for the appropriate presentation of the event.

  • No additional charge for move in or out if scheduled on the same day as performance or use.
  • Fifty percent (50%) of the minimum rental fee if on a day other than performance or use and the move in day falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Fifty percent (50%) move in rates do not apply Thursday – Sunday.  No double discounts are permitted and the discount does not apply to meeting room rental rates.
  • The time period from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM or any fraction thereof shall be defined as the usage period. If facilities are used prior to or following contracted limits, without the express written permission of U.S. Cellular Center Management, a premium shall be added to the rental rate upon settlement. The premium will be between $25.00 and $50.00 per hour for each hour or fraction of an hour beyond the contracted term hours.

Available upon request. Staffing requirements determined on an event by event basis. Minimum (4) hour calls apply to all personnel. 

Audio/Visual Tech


Door Guard


EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)

Equipment Operator

Event Coordinator

Fire Watch (AFD Personnel)

Fire Watch (Contractor Personnel)

Graphic Artist


Police Officer

Police Officer Supervisor


T-Shirt Overnight

T-Shirt Security

T-Shirt Supervisor

Ticket Seller

Ticket Taker


If two clients are negotiating for the same act or performer, the facility will place the hold in the act’s name, upon the act determining which promoter will produce the show, the contract will be issued to that promoter/client.

  1. The U.S. Cellular Center may schedule and contract with other events in parts of the facility which are not part of the client’s agreement.
  2. The U.S. Cellular Center may schedule and contract similar events both before and after the dates of a client’s agreement without notice to the client, unless otherwise specified in writing in the contract agreement.

All tentative holds will be for a maximum of (14) days (two weeks). In that time, it is expected that the interested client either confirm the date/s and request a contract or release the date/s. If the client has not confirmed the date/s within the stipulated time period, the date/s will be released and become available for others to book. A designation of event type and/or headline must be given for the facility to hold any dates.

Challenges to tentative date(s) or events contracted without a deposit:

When a date held by a prospective client on a tentative basis or a contract has been issued, but not returned with a deposit the following challenge procedure may be initiated by a second client interested in the date in question.

  1. The client challenging the date will present a payment equal to the minimum rent of the facility (of the first client) to the U.S. Cellular Center.
  2. At the time the challenge deposit is received, the first client will be notified by telephone and email that a challenge for the date has been received.
  3. If the first client wishes to secure the date/s, they have (2) working days (48 hours) after receiving notification of the challenge, to present the required deposit and complete a contract.
  4. If the first client elects to secure the date, the second client will receive a full refund of their deposit.
  5. If the first client does not secure the date within the required time, the second client (challenger) receives the date and will be required to execute a contract immediately.
  6. Deposits applied to dates received through the challenge process will not be refunded under any circumstances regardless of when the cancellation occurs.

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