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Dave Chappelle

Date: February 6, 2017 | Time: 7:00 pm

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Dave Chappelle comes to the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Monday February 6th at 7pm. Tickets go on sale Friday January 13th and will be available through the USCC Box Office, online at Ticketmaster.com, or by phone at 800-745-3000.

No cell phones, picture/video taking, or audio recording devices of any kind are permitted.

This is a strict NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED show. Please leave your phones in your cars or at home. Anyone who brings a cell phone will be required to place it in a locked pouch. Everyone is subject to a pat down and wanding.  Anyone caught with a cell phone inside the venue will be immediately ejected.

An outside company hired by the event will lock up all cell phones in pouches, which are then given to the patrons to hold on to during the show. Phones are unlocked and pouches returned after the show is over.

From its premiere in January 2003, Chappelle’s Show was a cultural phenomenon. With characters like blind white supremacist Clayton Bigsby (who is not aware that he is black) and crack addict Tyrone Biggums, parodies like “the Mad Real World” and R. Kelly’s “Piss on You” video and musical guests like Kanye West and Common, Chappelle’s Show became one of Comedy Central’s most popular shows ever.

By the second season Chappelle’s Show was sealed as as one of the most influential sketch shows in TV history. Dave Chappelle’s portrayals of Rick James and Prince in “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories,” parodies of Lil’ Jon and Samuel L. Jackson, and sketches like “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong,” “The Time Haters,” and a skit starring an against-type Wayne Brady made Chappelle’s Show the stuff of legend.

Chappelle’s Show helped launch the careers of comedians like Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings, who went on to host the Lost Episodes of Chappelle’s Show after Dave Chappelle decided to stop production on the third season. With sketches parodying show business, MTV Cribs, and Tupac’s more current lyrics, Dave proved himself to be as witty and insightful as ever, and continues to be a hero to the comedians and fans who still speak reverently about his show’s influence on recent American pop culture.

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